lockdown shakeup

In 2020, our Trinity term was cancelled by the nationwide lockdown. As a result, we had to put aside our garden plays and postpone our bids. In their place, we curated and created the Lockdown Shakeup ~ the OUDS Online Shakespearean Monologue Festival!


Over a two week period, we worked in our ‘micro-companies’ (an actor and a director) to rehearse and ‘stage’ one of Shakespeare’s monologues, or a work of new writing inspired by the Bard. To aid our process, we enjoyed insightful workshops with Paapa Essiedu, Andrew Whyment, and Elliot Barnes-Worrell. With these rehearsals and workshops in our sails, we performed and recorded our monologues, to be premiered in a festival of work, which you can find here! 


We hope you enjoy!


Graphics: Jemima Greenhalgh

Editor: Gregor Roach

Marketing: Nancy Case


individual monologue videos

first act

second act