The OUDS Wardrobe Exchange scheme is a way for costume designers to browse and borrow from each others' costume collections. Use the system below to view costume items and enquire about them. There is no cost associated with borrowing any of the items, but it is expected that you return borrowed items in the condition you received them.

If you have a wardrobe collection, and would like to take part in the OUDS Wardrobe Exchange scheme, please fill in your details here and we will be in touch explaining how to get involved.

Some items do not yet have photos, so please enquire about an item to get a photo of it.

Conditions of use

By using this service to borrow costumes, you agree to return costumes in the condition that you received them. This includes costumes being clean, undamaged, and with any extra attachments that were originally included. If you do not return items in this condition, you agree to cover the cost of repairing, replacing or cleaning the costumes that you have borrowed. If you receive a costume that is unfit for purpose, you should return it immediately so that it can be used by somebody else. Costumes must be returned to their owners at the very latest 1 week after the end of the show they are being used for, and this return date must be agreed between you and the lender before you borrow the item. Items not received by this date will be considered lost, and OUDS will charge you for the value of the item.

Shirts, blouses and tops