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Can't see anything here?

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Auditions: Actors

Please note, our Audition Portal has only recently been reactivated. The majority of audition postings are still listed on our Facebook portal here:


Use the booking tool below to browse and book audition slots. Please only sign up for one audition slot per show; if you sign up for more than one slot, all of them will be cancelled. By signing up for an audition, you are agreeing to us contacting you about your audition, and passing on your contact details to the production company who are auditioning you.

While OUDS membership is not mandatory to be able to sign up to auditions on the portal, it is recommended that you become an OUDS member to enjoy the benefits of membership. Information on how to become an OUDS member can be found here.

If you're unsure about what to expect from an audition, have a look at our audition advice here.

If you're part of a production company and want to set up auditions on this portal, please do so here.

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