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Other funding bodies


Many other funding bodies can be found across the university, mostly attached to colleges. A complete list can be found below. You do not usually require a member of the college in your team in order to send an application but it is recommended that you mention any college involvement in your funding bid.


Your venue bid should not be used as your funding bid – there will likely be alterations and you will want to highlight different things in each format of bid. For help with what a funding bid should contain, have a look at our advice here.


Colleges increasingly provide small grants to support student theatre. However, it is almost always necessary to have a member of the college (JCR or MCR) working on your production as these are frequently obtained by JCR/MCR motions. Occasionally, there are JCR arts funds specifically designed for funding theatre and film projects. The best way of finding out about these is by having a member of the college seek advice from their JCR or MCR committee, or by getting in touch with one of the OUDS College Reps.

Calls for funding applications are also regularly advertised through the OUDS Newsletter.

Barbarian Productions

Brasenose Arts Fund

Buskins of Worcester College

Corpus Christi Owlets

LMH Spotlight Fund

Magdalen Players

New College Drama Society

Pluto Productions

President Productions

St. Hilda's College Drama Society

The Eglesfield Players

The King's Hall Trust for the Arts

Wadham College Drama Society

Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund​ (CMDF)


The Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund was set up through an endowment to the University by the Mackintosh Foundation. The purpose of the Fund is to aid drama in Oxford and the students involved, by providing a source of funding to Oxford shows in the form of grants.

A link to apply for Cam Mac funding will be circulated every term via the Oxford Drama Newsletter.

'The Metamorphosis', Matchbox Productions, TT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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