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Oxford Drama reps 2022-2023

If you cannot see your college it means you do not have a college rep (yet). Your college rep is the person to ask about drama in your college, including Cuppers, and aim to support incoming freshers. If you'd like to be a college rep, please email Bridget Harrington and Sophie Magalhaes (OUDS Freshers Reps). 

BALLIOL: Ollie Khurshid and Aaron Low (he/him)

BRASENOSE: Charlie Lovejoy (they/them)

CHRISTCHURCH: Max Morgan (he/him)


EXETER: Sonya Luchanskaya

HERTFORD: Jenny Grehan-Bradley (she/her)

JESUS: Niamh Jones (she/her)

KEBLE: Ayaat Yassin-Kassab and Molly Evans

LINCOLN: Rosa Calcraft (she/her)

LMH: Ebonie Peters (she/her)

MERTON: Bridget Harrington (she/her) and Anna Stephen (she/her)

MAGDALEN: Jolina Bradley (she/they)

NEW: Oliver Roberts (he/him)

ORIEL: Bella Simpson (she/her)


QUEENS: Luke Nixon and Erin Malinowski

REGENTS PARK: Beth Ranasinghe

SOMERVILLE:  Andrew Raynes (he/him)

ST ANNE'S:  Leah Aspden (she/they)

ST EDMUND HALL: Rose Morley (she/her)

ST HILDA'S: Cassie Wicks (she/her)

ST HUGH'S: Bronwen Price (she/they)

ST JOHN'S: Laetitia Hosie (she/her)

ST PETER'S: Maddie West-Nelson (she/her) and Beth Fitzpatrick (she/they) and Evie Burrowes (she/her)

WADHAM: Nathaniel Jones (he/they)

WORCESTER: Emma Earnshaw


'Faust', Devilish Whimsy Productions, MT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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