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The OUDS Newsletter is a new Newsletter for Oxford Drama sent out weekly by the OUDS committee. It contains details of upcoming shows, audition opportunities as well as openings for non-acting roles and details of venue and funding applications. To submit an item to the OUDS Newsletter, please use this form.

The newsletter is usually published on a Sunday evening during termtime, and so all submissions must be made by midday on Sunday to be included in that week's newsletter. During the vacations, the newsletter is usually published on a less frequent basis, depending on how many submissions have been made.

By providing us with your details above, you agree to be contacted by OUDS with the recurring OUDS Newsletter, and one-off emails containing service information and special announcements. If you provide us with your Oxford email address, you also agree to us passing your data to Oxford SU, who will use it solely for the purpose of registering you as an OUDS member. If you would like to unsubscribe at any time, or if you would like to opt out of membership, please follow the instructions at the bottom of one of our emails, or contact the secretary.

The Oxford Drama Newsletter


The Oxford Drama Newsletter is run by the University Drama Officer and is separate from the new OUDS Newsletter that the OUDS committee now runs, which handles all auditions, non-technical roll callouts, their workshops and college-based funding. The Oxford Drama Newsletter includes a wide variety of both student and professional drama performances throughout Oxford and is where all professional venue bid applications (the Burton Taylor Studio, the Oxford Playhouse and the annual North Wall Arts Centre residency) will be advertised, as well as Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund grant applications, external opportunities such as auditions for the Finalist’s Showcase, Thelma Holt Surgeries, applications for the annual Thelma Holt Shakespeare Tour, and other workshops and lectures brought to you by either the University Drama Officer or the Cameron Mackintosh Drama Fund.


The University Drama Officer and OUDS recommend that if you are interested in seeing both student and professional drama but not necessarily getting too involved, the Oxford Drama Newsletter is the mailing list for you. If you are more interested in engaging in student drama, then you should sign up to both newsletters to get all the opportunities each newsletter uniquely presents.

OUDS does not receive or control data entered into this form. It therefore cannot take responsibility for the way in which your data will be handled.

'A Poet and a Scholar', Green Carnation Productions, HT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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