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A Guide to Producing

So you want to be a producer! You are about to enter the wonderful world of theatre management, finances and spreadsheets, and being the person who makes stuff happen! This page is meant as a basic guide to the main steps of producing a show, with links to various other resources on the OUDS website and elsewhere. It is not meant as a universal how-to, because there are as many ways to be a producer as there are producers. You will find your own way of producing, but until that happens, we hope this guide is a good start.

Some of the information below is also covered in our guide to putting on your first show (here) so consider having a look at this page too!

This guide was compiled by the 2020/21 Treasurer. Any questions about this guide, producing or marketing can be addressed to the OUDS Treasurer or the rest of the OUDS committee.


Good luck!

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