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The OUDS Budget Template

OUDS Budget Template

The OUDS budget template is compiled by the treasurer. It has been improved by successive treasurers, many of whom have been successful producers across a wide variety of Oxford venues. It can therefore be considered a tried and tested template, and so it is highly recommended that you make use of it, whether you are an experienced producer or working on your very first production.


The most recent version is v3 and it can be found above: updates made since the previous version by the 2020/21 treasurer include minor functionality bug fixes. The supporting notes detail how both templates should be used, and can also be found on this page. Experienced producers may wish to alter this template and use their own formatting or functionality, but it is recommended that all budgets submitted to OUDS for a funding application follow the guidelines in the supporting notes.  


Any problems with or questions about the budget should be directed to the treasurer, but please ensure that you have checked the supporting notes thoroughly before emailing questions. It will also be noticed that this budget template has only fixed price ticketing, i.e. where all tickets regardless of location in the auditorium cost the same. Shows in the Playhouse will require a stratified budget, but producers working in such a venue should have the Excel and budgeting skills to adapt this template themselves. Nonetheless, producers with questions about the functionality of a stratified seating plan may approach the treasurer, and may also request a template to assist them in programming this kind of spreadsheet.

'The House'', 3AM Productions, TT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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