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ouds committee 

Executive committee

PRESIDENT- Leah Aspden (she/they) /

TREASURER- Harry Brook (he/him) /

SECRETARY- Alice Chakraborty (she/they) /

WELFARE- Wren Talbot-Ponsonby (they/she) /

standing committee

FRESHERS/CUPPERS REPS - Bridget Harrington (she/her) & Sophie Magalhaes (she/her) /

NEW WRITING REPS - Max Morgan (he/him) & Coco Cottam (she/her) / /

EVENTS/SOCIAL REPS - Lucas Angeli (he/him) & Flora Symington (she/her) / / 

PUBLICITY REPS - Luke Nixon (he/him), Esme Rhodes (she/her) & Lydia Free (she/her) / / /

ACCESS & OUTREACH REP – Niamh Jones (she/her)

DIVERSITY OFFICER/TRANS REP – Andrew Raynes (he/him)

CLASS REP - Esme Rhodes (she/her)

BAME REPS – Kian Moghaddas (he/him) & Shaan Sidhu (she/her) / 

DISABILITIES REP – Leah Aspden (she/they)


Access, diversity and equity reps

'Girl in a School Uniform', Love Song Productions, TT23

Photo by Riya Kataria

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