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Production Companies

Here is a list of student production companies registered with OUDS. If the company you are looking for is not on this page, this may be because they have registered recently. You can check whether a production company is registered by emailing the OUDS Secretary.


To register a new production company, click here.

To change the contact details of an existing production company, click here.


ALL Productions

Beautiful Machine Productions

Clarendon Productions

Devilish Whimsy Productions

Green Carnation Productions

Honest Fool Productions

Kylix Productions

Magdalen Players

Musketeer Productions

Nocturne Productions

Peach Productions

Pelican Productions

Pigeon Wing Productions

St Hilda's Drama Society

Sunday Productions

The Mollys

Unbroken Productions

3AM Productions

An Exciting New

Broken Wheel Productions

Cops and Robbers

Funky Jumper Productions

Happier Year Productions

Jesus College Shakespeare Project

Love Song Productions

Memento Mori Productions

Naughty Corner

Orchard Productions

Peedie Productions

Phoenicia of Dido Productions

Root Ginger Productions

Stellate Productions

Technobabble Productions

The Oxford Revue

Yellow Brick Productions

'The Metamorphosis', Matchbox Productions,  TT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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