Welfare in Oxford drama

What is welfare?

Welfare is a combination of the OUDS welfare rep, the production welfare reps, the welfare guidelines and other measures put in place to help make sure everyone feels safe, welcome and supported during their time involved in Oxford drama.

(Guidelines, resources and more below!)

What do I do if I have a concern? 

Our current OUDS welfare rep, Emma, is always more than happy to talk to you about any problems or concerns you may have, however big or small - even if you just want to say hello and have a catch up! You can reach her by emailing welfare.ouds@gmail.com or emma.hawkins@seh.ox.ac.uk. Anything you tell her will be assumed confidential and treated as such unless you give her permission to act on your behalf or share the information with a third party.

Every production in Oxford drama should also have a welfare rep involved on the production team who is not the OUDS welfare rep, the director or the producer. This person should have been identified to you at the start of the rehearsal/production process, along with their contact details. If you’re not sure who this person is on your production you can either get in touch with your director/producer or Emma (details above) and they should be able to find out for you who they are.

The production welfare rep is responsible, on that production, for the welfare needs of the crew as well as the cast. Whilst Emma is more than happy to talk to any crew who might be needing welfare support there is also a TAFF welfare officer, James (welfare@tabsareforflying.co.uk or james.gurd@stcatz.ox.ac.uk) who is more than happy to talk to any crew (or performers) who would like to talk to him.

What sort of things can I tell the welfare officer(s)?

Anything you like! We’re here to help in whatever way we can so if you’re having any concerns or would just like an ear to listen then just drop us an email. We’re then happy to meet in person or continue the conversation via email – whatever works for you! Things that you might want help/advice/support on could be overly long rehearsals, difficulties with a producer/director, any kind of harassment or discrimination, or any situation that has made you feel uncomfortable – but it’s not limited to that so if you have anything else you’d like to talk to us about please do!

What are the welfare guidelines?

The welfare guidelines are a set of procedures/rules that we ask all production companies and casts to follow. You can find the latest guidelines below, as well as a set of guidelines for drama during the current Covid pandemic. We recommend everyone involved in Oxford drama has a read through these before their first show so they are aware of the way to conduct safe auditions/rehearsals/performances.


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