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WHat is Cuppers?

Drama Cuppers is an annual intercollegiate drama competition held during the 5th week of Michaelmas Term for freshers interested in drama, where teams put on 20 minute productions (either published or student-written) at the Burton Taylor Studio (an intimate black-box style performance space that seats 50) competing for the awards of:

  • Best marketing

  • Best new writing

  • Best supporting actor

  • Best actor

  • Best director

  • Spirit of cuppers award

  • Best of cuppers

  • Best graduate contribution

  • Best lighting

  • Best sound


Cuppers 2022 has arrived! Tickets can be brought from the Oxford Playhouse website and a schedule of performances is below. Performances are in pairs in late and early slots Tuesday-Friday: 

- Tuesday @ 7:30: Keble (A Michaelmas' Nights Dream) and Exeter
- Tuesday @ 9:00: Somerville
- Wednesday @ 7:30: Lady Margaret Hall ('Shack to the Future') and New
- Wednesday @ 9:00: Corpus Christ and Merton ('Fly in a Bottle')
- Thursday @ 7:30: Hertford ('Maryland') - TW: contains references to sexual assault
- Thursday @ 9:00: Wadham ('Co(llege) Parents') 
- Friday @ 7:30: St Hildas/Harris Manchester ('The Waiting Room') and Queens ('Britain's Next PM')

Cuppers 2021 information pack:

'A Poet and a Scholar', Green Carnation Productions, HT23

Photo by Freddie Houlahan

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