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Company Registration T&Cs

By becoming an OUDS registered production company, you agree and acknowledge that:

  1. No funds can be taken out of the Oxford drama system and all remaining funds must be donated upon graduation. Companies can donate their funds to OUDS, TAFF, another drama society/group, another production company, a charity (subject to the conditions below), or a combination thereof. 

  2. A maximum of 50% of these funds can be donated to charity. However, if a production company has worked closely with a particular charity, or if it has consistently put on productions related to a particular issue within the remit of a charity, they may be able to donate a higher proportion to charity. This will require OUDS approval.

  3. OUDS will contact you to ask about your plans for the remaining funds when you graduate.

  4. Being a registered company is a prerequisite for being able to apply for OUDS funding and it is recommended when applying for funding from other University societies. However, being registered does not guarantee that funding will be awarded.

  5. The name of the production company will be displayed on the OUDS website, without including any personal details of any individual in the company*.

  6. The company must inform OUDS when or if the contact details of the producer and director of the production company change.

  7. The company’s producer must maintain a detailed and accurate cash flow that includes all of their student productions under that company, and this must be made available to OUDS upon request.

  8. Being a registered company does not provide you with theatre insurance via OUDS. 


*This list will be used by other drama societies/groups to verify that a company is registered before offering their services. This may include theatres, other funding bodies and TAFF, but it is down to every society’s or venue’s discretion whether they require production companies to be registered with OUDS.

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