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WHat is the OUDS National Tour?

The OUDS National Tour is the flagship tour of Oxford Drama. It is a great opportunity for members of OUDS to showcase work to a National audience from the beginning of July to the end of August each summer. Past performance venues have included the Edinburgh Fringe, Oxford, Cambridge and London. Participants gain the experience of working in professional venues across the UK and also of living as a touring company for an extended period of time. The National Tour is an excellent opportunity to gain experience of the theatre world, and it’s also a lot of fun! Past productions have included a range of genres including new writing, musicals and modern adaptations, such as Numbers (2019). This year's national tour is The Effect by Lucy Prebble (Buzzcut Productions). 

All productions considering a run at the Edinburgh Fringe are encouraged to apply for the National Tour, since having your production associated with OUDS in this way leads to greater funding opportunities, as well as increased marketing exposure. If you're considering taking a show to the Fringe, have a look at our advice here.


Cast and crew positions are open to all members of OUDS. Bid interviews and casting auditions will be advertised through the OUDS Newsletter, with initial bid applications opening in early Hilary and auditions taking place in late Hilary. Potential production teams should choose a play which they think would be appropriate for the tour, and put together a bid for that production. The OUDS Committee will hold interviews in early Hilary and choose a production team based on the overall strength of the bid, considering factors such as the creativity of the concept, the play's marketability, and its logistical viability, as well as their confidence in the team's ability to follow through with their proposals. If you are interested in applying, please do not be daunted or put off by the scale of the production. The OUDS Committee will be on hand throughout the project to offer help and advice!

If you have any questions about the National Tour or are interested in getting involved, please don’t hesitate to email the OUDS President.

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