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Hello and welcome to the OUDS site, the home of student theatre at Oxford University.
Please take a look around and discover the opportunities we have to offer! Don't forget to join the OUDS Facebook group where auditions and opportunities are mainly posted:

If you have any other questions don't hesitate to email Leah, the President at

We can't wait to hear from you!
The OUDS Committee 2024-2025 <3

New to Oxford Drama?

If you're looking to take your first steps in Oxford Drama, either as an actor or in a production team, have a look at our advice for beginners here.

To sign up to the OUDS Newsletter, click here.

Looking for auditions?

Please join the Oxford University

Drama Portal on Facebook to find up to date audition here:

We also have an online auditions portal here. To post audition information on the portal, click here.

Putting on a show?

If you're putting on your first show, see our advice here.


Please also join the Facebook group here to post callouts:

Applying for Funding?

If you need help putting together your funding application, click here.


To submit a completed application, fill in the application form here.

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